Sunday, December 23, 2007

So, are you ready for the holidays?

My western stocking has been hung by the chimney with care--and I better find somethin' other than coal in there! *g*

Thanks to my health insurance and an untimely surgery, I'm taking it easy this holiday season. While this has put a lot of unexpected pressure on my hubby and two sons, I have to say, it's not easy being a patient! For someone used to putting all the final touches on everything, it's hard to ask for help with things that in most situations seem menial, and it takes a few days to rework the hardwire and allow others to take over. I got myself into trouble the first few days after surgery, doing more than I should, and it set me back in the healing process --lesson learned :)
So I'm taking it easy this Christmas, and letting my handsome elves to do the last minute holiday dashes and wrap gifts in their no-bow's-required, manly ways. Packages will look a little strange and our Christmas potlock contributions will be a crock of lil' smokeys *g*, but nevertheless, the holiday atmosphere is Merry & Bright :) How 'bout the rest of y'all? Are you free of the shopping masses yet? Have the gifts been wrapped, garland strung, cookies baked? Be sure to take time to kick back and enjoy the festivity!
From my family to yours,
Wishing you a Joyous Holiday Season and Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...


I love the boot stocking -- so fitting for my favorite western author. Here's hoping my stocking will be filled with lots more Stacey Kayne books -- hint, hint.

I've been good!

Terri Garey said...

Aw, how cute!

Despite your health issues, Ms. Kayne, you're looking pretty.... well, dare I say... perky?

Merry Christmas to you and your guys!

Unknown said...

Hi'ya Pigtails!!!

Some how, I'm not sure I'm buying that "I've been good!" claim *ggg* I'll see what I can do with the books ;-)

Holiday Cheers!!

Stacey Kayne said... Cool ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! Wishing a very Merry Christmas to you and your guys :)

Carla Capshaw said...

Love the stocking and the picture of your gorgeous family! Hope you're feeling better by the minute.

Merry Christmas to you and your handsome elves. :-)

Stacey Kayne said...

Oh, those Meez's are sooo cute! Love the santa hat! *g* I've got to figure out how to use my Meez.

I'm feeling better every day--thank you :) And my manuscripts are calling to me ;-)

Merry Christmas, Carla!!

Stacey Kayne said...

Been Meezed :-)