Monday, December 3, 2007

MUSTANG WILD - contender for LWR's Best 2007 Western Historical is hosting a contest with all of their five-spur reviews for 2007.

MUSTANG WILD is in the running!

Readers can vote for their favorite five-spur western from now to January 11th.

This is my first time being a contender for a published award. I'm thrilled to be on a list with some of my favorite authors--what fun!!

To cast your vote, click on the LWR cowboy!


Missy said...

I was in the middle of reading Mustang at midnight on New Year's Eve. I can't think of a better way to start off the new year! ;-) I went over to LWR and voted for it! I really hope you win! You deserve it, it was a great story!

Even though I read Maverick first, after reading Mustang, it made me love Maverick even more. And I will probably read it again soon! LOL

Good Luck with the LWR contest! I hope you win!!!


Stacey Kayne said...

Wow---so glad Tuck and Skylar could help to bring in your new year :-)

Thank you for your vote, Missy!! I'm just excited to have books out...and such awesome readers!