Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hot off the press...MAVERICK review

"Excitement, mystery and delight fill the pages of Maverick Wild, Stacey Kayne’s latest historical treasure."

"Cora Mae Tindale has traveled far to find Chance Morgan. She wants him to fulfill his promise made to her when they were young. Chance and Tucker’s father had married her mother when she was a child. The three banded together when things were tough and Cora’s mother was plotting something evil. Now Cora wants Chance to fulfill that promise he made to protect her. But Chance is no longer the person he was those many years ago. With his heart locked away, Chance wants nothing to do with Cora. He does not trust her but he also cannot seem to resist her even as he pushes her away. So when trouble comes calling, Chance is the first one there.
Stacey Kayne can weave a story that will capture you and not let go. Cora had a tough life and she ran to Chance to try and escape that life. Chance had also seen things that had hardened his heart. With both of them damaged in their pasts, it is only together that they can heal. We also have an opportunity to visit with Tucker and Skylar and see how they are doing. So for anyone who loves westerns and romance, Maverick Wild is perfect for you. Stacey Kayne has demonstrated herself to be a talented force in the world of western romance."

Written by Debby


Jennifer Y. said...

Congrats on the review!

Happy new Year!

Stacey Kayne said...

Thank you, Jennifer! Never can tell how a book will fair with's still a total thrill when great reviews come in :)

Happy New Year!

Naghma said...

sounds great. best of luck!

Stacey Kayne said...

Thanks for stopping by, naghma!