Sunday, August 17, 2008

Top Pick Award for Bride Of Shadow Canyon!

Night Owl Romance reviewer JennJ has awarded BRIDE OF SHADOW CANYON as a Reviewer Top Pick!

Here's some highlights from the review:

"Bride of Shadow Canyon is the first book that I have personally read by Stacey Kayne but it will most assuredly not be the last. In fact I’m going to go out now and get every book that she has available she is absolutely terrific! This one had me from the very first page and held me till the very last one.
"Rachell Carlson is in BIG trouble she has been kidnapped by a jealous employer who thinks she is much more than just his star act. And he’s willing to do anything to keep her which has now included killing one of her dearest friends to do so. But help is on the way when her sister and her husband send Jed Doulan to rescue Rachell and bring her safely to them in California. And Jed is just the man for the job, tough as nails and drop dead sexy ta boot Rachel is in awe when he sweeps in and rescues her. They make their escape in a hail of gunfire and ride off into the night… and right into more hot water! Add to their journey many obstacles including Indians and Mother Nature, and the fact that her obsessed employer is hot on their heels to get Rachel back with a small army of hired guns, and the stage is set for a romping good time! I HIGHLY recommend this wonderful book! Ms. Kayne pens a wonderful and deeply emotional story about two lost souls thrown together by chance and circumstance, just might be the thing that can save them both. A memorable tale and a great supporting cast that I do hope I might see again in future books. Funny and passionate and downright HOT in all the right ways…this is one that I couldn’t put down and will be adding it to my keeper shelf. I encourage you to give it a try and I bet you will too! "

Thank you, JennJ!!

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