Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Romance Writer's of America ~ National Conference

This past week I've been in San Francisco at the RWA National Conference - this was the fifth conference I've attended and as always, it was an absolute blast. Wednesday night I signed books at the Literacy for Life signing. For a romance writers there is nothing quite like being in a hotel with 2000 other romance writers. I don't know that I'd call a writer's conference a "vacation", as you are running from function to function and meeting to meeting much of the time--I come home completely exhausted, yet fully energized about my craft. It is so great to see online friends from all over the world and to meet with agents and editors. I've posted a few pics of my highlights.

I love gearing up for conference and choosing my giveaways for the "Goody Room"--a room full of promotion material for authors to browse and choose from. Here's a pic of my display--I had a boot full of beaded bookmarks (Thanks Mom!!) as well as some hunky cowboy pins and postcards. My favorite goody was Carla Capshaw's little green pocket mirrors with her pretty tulip logo on them and the book DARK RIDER by Kathrynn Dennis. We met two years ago when her book was still yet-to-be-published and won the writing contest I was coordinating--so great to have a signed copy of her book!

The first event I attended was the tea party put on by my literary agency, BookEnds--that's literary agent Jessica Faust, our gracious hostess for the afternoon, smiling from across the pastry trivet. I wish I'd gotten a better picture of the tables. I felt like Alice in Wonderland sitting on a sofa at a high table laden with teapots of assorted teas and tasty pastries and tiny sandwiches. In the picture below I'm sitting with fellow BookEnds authors Christie Craig and Christine Wells.

This is a pic with my mom at the Harlequin party. It was great fun to have her and our cousin Diane along--though it seemed we saw little of each other as I was always on the run, not that they minded. With so may places to shop in San Francisco, they had a blast and took time out to attend the Harlequin Party with me :)

Below is a pic with some of my Writer's At Play gal pals: Carla Capshaw, yours truly, Terri Garey, Anna Sugden, Janice Lynn, Tawny Weber & Kathleen Long.

Next up, the Harlequin Historical Tea at the Taly Tara Tea House/Polo Shop. Loads of fun meeting with the other HH authors and our editors. Here is a picture in the back garden of the teashop with Petticoats & Pistols Fillies Charlene Sands, Pam Crooks and Kate Bridges. This conference was my first chance to meet fellow P&P fillies in person.

Okay, so this was a start...*g*...have to go write, but I'll be back with more tomorrow!

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Carla Capshaw said...

Awww! This makes me want to go back to San Fran. I can't believe I left a week ago today. Wish I could turn back the clock and live it all over again. :-)