Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Five Hearts from The Romance Studio!

Ms. Stacey Kayne has once again written a great book with great characters and lots of action and tension. She introduced her two main characters, Sheriff Juniper Barns and Lily Palmer Carrington, by establishing their pasts. Juniper had spent the last twenty years trying to live down his past. Lily had spent the same time planning his death. These two had strong, determined personalities. Ms. Kayne described them in such a way that it was as if I knew them personally.

There is humor woven throughout the book. There is suspense and sensuality. Of course, the hate relationship soon turned to something more. The supporting cast of characters was many and quite effectively penned. There was lots of action which kept the storyline flowing. This book was one which did not just follow the predictable lines. There were many surprise turns in the book.

I loved the book and highly recommend it to anyone who likes historical romances with happy endings—though not predictable. It is everything a good book should be.

Reviewer: Brenda Talley
Overall rating:

I admit it; I am an unabashed fan of Stacey Kayne. I loved her Maverick books and couldn't wait for this book to be published. True to her style this books characters are feisty, brave and yet not afraid to show their vulnerabilities. Even the most macho guy has a tender side and ladies don't always have to be gentle. This book takes us out of the range and into the lives of those working the early logging mills where living conditions were difficult and families grew in the shadows of the mills. Kayne doesn't take shortcuts with the solutions for these families. Instead she gives us a glimpse of what the future could hold with a little bit of hope and lots of gumption. Lily and June are sure to win a spot in your heart.
Reviewed by: Sandra Wurman

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