Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Review ~ Mustang Wild

Here's a new review from The Romance Club on my January '08 Mills & Boon edition of MUSTANG WILD.
"Stacey Kayne's Mustang Wild is a sweet and sensual love story of two people who believe they don't need love in their lives and think they've lived just fine without it for so long. Tucker is the wild half of his twin brother. He loves to have fun and laugh and do everything light-hearted he can think of. Skylar is a responsible and serious-minded cowgirl with one thing on her mind until she meets the orneriest man in the world. They irritate each other, nag each other, dislike each other until the heat between them just becomes too much. Then a whole new world opens up for both of them, but they have so much to overcome. Ms. Kayne does a fine job of developing her characters, giving them humour when they need it and the gumption to finally take what they want, even though it scares the devil out of them."
Thanks to Sandra for the great review!


squiresj said...

Books sounds exciting. I visit monthly and am on your newsletter. I enjoy reading your website and books. God Bless.

Stacey Kayne said...

Thank you!!! I appreciate you dropping in :-)