Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Nominee!!

So yesterday I was driving down the freeway, on my way to pick up my sick laptop, when I get a call from my agent--she wanted to know if I'd heard the news....to which I replied "What news???"

Chance Morgan of MAVERICK WILD was nominated for the Historical K.I.S.S. Hero, Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award!!!!
{{insert happy squeal}}

The K.I.S.S Award is a section in RT Magazine that recognizes five heroes each month for being Knights In Shining Silver. Chance was recognized as a K.I.S.S. Hero this past January. Of all the K.I.S.S. Heroes for the year, eight are nominated by RT Reviewers for the Reviewer's Choice Award -- winners announced at the RT Conference in Orlando FL in April!
Here's the complete list of nominees for Historical K.I.S.S. Hero:
Trevelyn Deveridge
Emily Bryan, Leisure (Mar.)
Harry Morant
Anne Gracie, Berkley Sensation (Sep.)
General Merin
Linda Winstead Jones, Berkley Sensation (Dec.)
Chance Morgan
Stacey Kayne, Harlequin (Jan.)
Nicholas Ramsay
Charlotte Mede, Brava (Aug.)
Major Harrison
Barbara Metzger, Signet Eclipse (Jun.)
Wyatt Yarbro
Linda Lael Miller, HQN (Oct.)
Gabriel MacBraedon
Debra Mullins, Avon (Feb.)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nominated for BEST WESTERN of 2008!!

Voting Begins December 1st!
MAVERICK WILD and THE GUNSLINGER'S UNTAMED BRIDE are nominated for Best Western Romance of 2008 at LoveWesternRomances.com along with a line-up of other great authors. Readers decide the winner!

Voting begins December 1st and ends on January 11th. Visit www.LoveWesternRomances.com to cast your vote!

I'm curious, which of these two is YOUR favorite???

Friday, October 24, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Email

For those who've emailed me over the past week---I may have lost your email do to a spam invasion. My account was overrun by 8,000 spam over two days and I gave up on trying to keep it cleaned out. I apologize for any emails that have gone unanswered.

My contact email has been changed to: staceykayne@gmail.com

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Win a Book-Of-Your-Choice!

Today I'm blogging over at Writer's At Play and celebrating my completion of the third book in my WILD Trilogy! Woohoo!!!!
Today's topic: A WILD Harvest!

Stop in over at Writer's At Play for your chance to win a book-0f-your-choice from all my titles.
For those who'd like a sneak peek at EMBRACE THE WILD, I've posted the prologue to my My Space Blog.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Blogging at P&P ~ Reading Influences On Your Life Journey

Today I'm blogging over at Petticoats & Pistols about mountain man Jedediah Smith and reading influences on our own life journey. Hope you can drop in!

Cheers! ~ Stacey

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Five Hearts from The Romance Studio!

Ms. Stacey Kayne has once again written a great book with great characters and lots of action and tension. She introduced her two main characters, Sheriff Juniper Barns and Lily Palmer Carrington, by establishing their pasts. Juniper had spent the last twenty years trying to live down his past. Lily had spent the same time planning his death. These two had strong, determined personalities. Ms. Kayne described them in such a way that it was as if I knew them personally.

There is humor woven throughout the book. There is suspense and sensuality. Of course, the hate relationship soon turned to something more. The supporting cast of characters was many and quite effectively penned. There was lots of action which kept the storyline flowing. This book was one which did not just follow the predictable lines. There were many surprise turns in the book.

I loved the book and highly recommend it to anyone who likes historical romances with happy endings—though not predictable. It is everything a good book should be.

Reviewer: Brenda Talley
Overall rating:

I admit it; I am an unabashed fan of Stacey Kayne. I loved her Maverick books and couldn't wait for this book to be published. True to her style this books characters are feisty, brave and yet not afraid to show their vulnerabilities. Even the most macho guy has a tender side and ladies don't always have to be gentle. This book takes us out of the range and into the lives of those working the early logging mills where living conditions were difficult and families grew in the shadows of the mills. Kayne doesn't take shortcuts with the solutions for these families. Instead she gives us a glimpse of what the future could hold with a little bit of hope and lots of gumption. Lily and June are sure to win a spot in your heart.
Reviewed by: Sandra Wurman

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GUNSLINGER reviewed at Romance Junkies!

"THE GUNSLINGER’S UNTAMED BRIDE is an awesome addition to Stacey Kayne’s Bride series. June and Lily are such strong characters that had their lives changed by one single moment in the past, each from a different perspective. Watching these two characters struggle with their anger from the past and their growing fondness for each other now was a true pleasure. With compelling characters, a captivating story line and romance that is hot enough to melt even the hardest of hearts. THE GUNSLINGER’S UNTAMED BRIDE is a story that I will enjoy reading again and again."

Reviewed by Dina Smith

View full review here.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blogging at WAP Today!

Stop in at Writer's At Play for your chance to win some goodies!
"Having flown the earth for 300 million years, dragonflies symbolize our ability to overcome times of hardship. Sighting a dragonfly is meant to remind us to take time to reconnect with our own strength, courage and happiness."

Top Pick Award for Bride Of Shadow Canyon!

Night Owl Romance reviewer JennJ has awarded BRIDE OF SHADOW CANYON as a Reviewer Top Pick!

Here's some highlights from the review:

"Bride of Shadow Canyon is the first book that I have personally read by Stacey Kayne but it will most assuredly not be the last. In fact I’m going to go out now and get every book that she has available she is absolutely terrific! This one had me from the very first page and held me till the very last one.
"Rachell Carlson is in BIG trouble she has been kidnapped by a jealous employer who thinks she is much more than just his star act. And he’s willing to do anything to keep her which has now included killing one of her dearest friends to do so. But help is on the way when her sister and her husband send Jed Doulan to rescue Rachell and bring her safely to them in California. And Jed is just the man for the job, tough as nails and drop dead sexy ta boot Rachel is in awe when he sweeps in and rescues her. They make their escape in a hail of gunfire and ride off into the night… and right into more hot water! Add to their journey many obstacles including Indians and Mother Nature, and the fact that her obsessed employer is hot on their heels to get Rachel back with a small army of hired guns, and the stage is set for a romping good time! I HIGHLY recommend this wonderful book! Ms. Kayne pens a wonderful and deeply emotional story about two lost souls thrown together by chance and circumstance, just might be the thing that can save them both. A memorable tale and a great supporting cast that I do hope I might see again in future books. Funny and passionate and downright HOT in all the right ways…this is one that I couldn’t put down and will be adding it to my keeper shelf. I encourage you to give it a try and I bet you will too! "

Thank you, JennJ!!

View full review at Night Owl Romance

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Romance Writer's of America ~ National Conference

This past week I've been in San Francisco at the RWA National Conference - this was the fifth conference I've attended and as always, it was an absolute blast. Wednesday night I signed books at the Literacy for Life signing. For a romance writers there is nothing quite like being in a hotel with 2000 other romance writers. I don't know that I'd call a writer's conference a "vacation", as you are running from function to function and meeting to meeting much of the time--I come home completely exhausted, yet fully energized about my craft. It is so great to see online friends from all over the world and to meet with agents and editors. I've posted a few pics of my highlights.

I love gearing up for conference and choosing my giveaways for the "Goody Room"--a room full of promotion material for authors to browse and choose from. Here's a pic of my display--I had a boot full of beaded bookmarks (Thanks Mom!!) as well as some hunky cowboy pins and postcards. My favorite goody was Carla Capshaw's little green pocket mirrors with her pretty tulip logo on them and the book DARK RIDER by Kathrynn Dennis. We met two years ago when her book was still yet-to-be-published and won the writing contest I was coordinating--so great to have a signed copy of her book!

The first event I attended was the tea party put on by my literary agency, BookEnds--that's literary agent Jessica Faust, our gracious hostess for the afternoon, smiling from across the pastry trivet. I wish I'd gotten a better picture of the tables. I felt like Alice in Wonderland sitting on a sofa at a high table laden with teapots of assorted teas and tasty pastries and tiny sandwiches. In the picture below I'm sitting with fellow BookEnds authors Christie Craig and Christine Wells.

This is a pic with my mom at the Harlequin party. It was great fun to have her and our cousin Diane along--though it seemed we saw little of each other as I was always on the run, not that they minded. With so may places to shop in San Francisco, they had a blast and took time out to attend the Harlequin Party with me :)

Below is a pic with some of my Writer's At Play gal pals: Carla Capshaw, yours truly, Terri Garey, Anna Sugden, Janice Lynn, Tawny Weber & Kathleen Long.

Next up, the Harlequin Historical Tea at the Taly Tara Tea House/Polo Shop. Loads of fun meeting with the other HH authors and our editors. Here is a picture in the back garden of the teashop with Petticoats & Pistols Fillies Charlene Sands, Pam Crooks and Kate Bridges. This conference was my first chance to meet fellow P&P fillies in person.

Okay, so this was a start...*g*...have to go write, but I'll be back with more tomorrow!

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Blooming Review!

Nancy at Romance Reader At Heart has made my day!
(Thank you, Nancy!)


Really good Western romances are hard to find, but Stacey Kayne aims and hits the bull's eye dead center with her latest release, THE GUNSLINGER'S UNTAMED BRIDE. The second book in her Bride series, this story also features many of the characters from that first title, BRIDE OF SHADOW CANYON, including Rachell, Jed and their children.

What really takes front and center here, though, are the characters and story of Lily and Juniper. Juniper was the 14 year-old boy who shot a man in self-defense and was taken in to be fostered by Rachell and Jed at the end of BRIDE OF SHADOW CANYON. Now a grown man, he's lived by the gun for so long that he always seems to be confronting his past. Trying to turn his life around by putting on a sheriff's badge, Juniper finds himself suddenly confronted by his new employer, Lily Carrington, a woman whose real reason for being there goes far beyond checking out the records of her newly acquired logging company.

Knowing exactly who Juniper is when she meets him—the man who shot and killed her father in cold blood—Lily is determined to not just get even, but to settle the score and avenge her father, once and for all. But sometimes things aren't all that they seem to be, and even as astute a businesswoman as Lily is, she hasn't thoroughly investigated the story of what really happened that day between this gunslinger and her father. When the payroll she's brought along goes missing and the tension begins to mount between employer and employees, Lily is forced to work alongside Juniper. Soon she realizes that the man she's demonized all these years is not quite the cold, calculating and hardened man she thought he'd be. As attraction grows between them and the air becomes taut with sexual tension, can Lily hold fast to her plans for revenge, or can she forgive this man she blames for taking away all that she once held dear?
Both Lily and Juniper are strong, resilient characters, both trying to find their footing after similar childhood trauma that eventually ended in opposite outcomes—Lily became orphaned and fostered with relatives who disapproved of her, while Juniper found a family who fostered and loved him as one of their own. Juniper would like nothing more than to settle down and raise a family, but his past seems to stand in the way. He hasn't yet learned that you can't expect others to forgive you unless you can learn to forgive yourself.

Lily, on the other hand, dwells on the family that was lost to her—a mother who died of illness and the perfect loving father—in her eyes—whose life was cut short by Juniper's bullet. What she believes happened that day versus what really did, are eventually eye openers for Lily, a woman who has spent her adult life focused on using her business acumen to amass her fortune with an "I'll show you" mentality. Just like Juniper, she needs to leave her past behind her and focus on what could be—the love that has eluded her, while letting go of her hatred and drive for vengeance and learning to forgive.

Stacey Kayne has a wonderful way with her prose, which is why I enjoy her work so much. Her stories are always fast-paced and engrossing, and her in depth characters and their situations believable. The setting of a logging camp in California is definitely out of the norm, and even her secondary characters—like Regi, Lily's spoiled and pampered cousin who's an absolute hoot—are likeable and interesting. Bottom line is, I know I'll read a great Western romance whenever I dive into one of her books.

With a hearty two-thumbs up from this reviewer, Stacey Kayne's THE GUNSLINGER'S UNTAMED BRIDE is one sure shot of a historical Western romance.

Reviewed by Nancy Davis

Friday, July 18, 2008

Stop by Petticoats & Pistols!

Today I'll be blogging about the history of cook stoves - click on the picture to check out my P&P post!

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BookEnds Blog

Today I'll be hanging out at my literary agent’s blog and sharing my views on Sticking To Your Gunskeeping the faith in your writing when the odds seem against you.

Stop by BookEnds to give a shout and share your views!

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Hot Off the Review Presses!

This review just came in from THE ROMANCE READER’S CONNECTION. This is a new review site to me so I was thrilled by their reception of my fourth book! (Thank you!)

"THE GUNSLINGER'S UNTAMED BRIDE is a breath-taking adventure, with a romance between a head-strong heroine out for vengeance and a noble hero who is trying to survive the sins of his past. As a fan of western historical romance, I've experienced many a great flawed hero seeking to mend his ways, yet none can compare with how the character of Juniper Barns has touched my heart. His sincerity radiates off the page every bit as strong as the unexpected passion he feels for Lily.

Lily Palmer Carrington is a heroine, who at first glance, seems rather impenetrable in her determination to avenge her father's death and have her way in all other facets of her life, especially in business-- despite the trouble this causes. From the beginning, Lily's rather myopic view is in sharp contrast to her obvious intelligence and as we see later, her passion for Juniper. Slowly, however, Lily's view expands which makes her a more likable and sympathetic character. Their blossoming romance creates a great deal of turmoil and readers will likely be swept up in the maelstrom. Having so thoroughly enjoyed THE GUNSLINGER'S UNTAMED BRIDE, I cannot wait to add Ms. Kayne's other titles to my collection. Highly recommended!"

4.5 Stars!
Reviewed by Melissa Fowler

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Guest at Simply Romance Reviews

Stop in and post a comment for your chance to win a signed copy of

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

GUNSLINGER ~ Officially Released!!!

Today is the official release date for
So far I've heard from readers who've spotted Juniper heating up bookstore shelves in California, Texas, Montana, New York and Michigan! My hubby went out today and stopped into Borders and Barnes & Noble and called me on his cell to let me know he was looking at my books ;-) I'm currently behind deadline (horrible as that is to admit!) and stayed home with my fingers on the keyboard!

THANK YOU to the readers who've written to tell me they've enjoyed Lily & Juniper's story--it's always a thrill to hear from happy readers :)
For free GUNSLINGER bookmarks send a SASE to:
Stacey Kayne
PO Box 323
Chowchilla, CA 93610
What critics are saying about THE GUNSLINGER'S UNTAMED BRIDE:
"This second installment in Kayne's Bride series is fast-paced and laced with humor, action and sexual tension. The characters are well developed and the plot suspenseful as it rushes headlong to an exciting conclusion." 4 Stars! ~Romantic Times
"Kayne’s ability to craft multi-faceted characters, intriguing plots, action-packed adventure and sizzling romance promises to keep her in the forefront of the western romance genre." 5 SPURS! ~Love Western Romances
"This is Ms. Kayne’s best work to date." ~The Historical Romance Club
"The deep level of emotionality combined with everyday human complexity gives this book, and this author, a new dimension." Grade: A~The Good, The Bad, The Unread
"Stacey Kayne has brought to life two incredible characters with Lily and Juniper. Their learning and changing is what made this book such a delight. Witty conversations, non-stop action and romance at its best - The Gunslingers Untamed Bride has it all." 4.5 Stars! ~CataRomance

Friday, June 20, 2008

Stop by Petticoats & Pistols!!

Today I'm blogging about
Black Bart ~ The Poetry Bandit

I will be giving away the last advance copy of

Monday, June 16, 2008

Blogging Today!

Stop in for a chance to win a signed copy of

Twelve days to the official release date!!!

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Thank you to all the readers who stopped by WRITERS AT PLAY to take part in my post:

CONGRATULATIONS to my book winners!
Bob, Mary and Connie!!!

Lunch with the Red Hatters

“When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat that doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.”

This past Thursday my mom-in-law invited me to be a guest at her Red Hat Society Luncheon. I was thrilled and honored, and my mom came along for the fun. That’s my mom Phyllis in the red shirt and my mom-in-law Kathy in the purple with red flowers. We’re holding the special purple and red cowboy boot cookies my mom-in-law made for the luncheon. It’s not often the three of us get out together and I always enjoy the company of my moms (double the fun!). I had a fabulous time taking a break from deadline mania and visiting with the Red Hat ladies.

I wanted to share some pictures (click on a picture to enlarge or save) from our lunch and some history on the Red Hat Society.

The Red Hat Society fondly refers to itself as a “dis-organization” with the aim of social interaction, and to encourage fun, silliness, creativity, and friendship in middle age and beyond. The Society is not a sorority or a voluntary service club. There are no initiations or fundraising projects.

The Red Hat Society (RHS) is a social organization founded in 1998 for women over 50. As of October 2006 there are about 1.5 million
registered members in over forty thousand chapters in the United States and thirty other countries. A founder or leader of a local chapter is usually referred to as a “Queen”. Members are called “Red Hatters”. Members 50 and over wear red hats and purple attire to all functions. A woman under age fifty may also become a member, but she wears a pink hat and lavender attire to the Society’s events until reaching her fiftieth birthday.

THANK YOU to the Merced Red Hatters for a fun afternoon!

If you are interested in joining a Red Hat Society near you they have a national website with group information: http://www.redhatsociety.com/

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Petticoats & Pistols ~ Taking Over Coffee Time Romance

The Fillies of Wildflower Junction have arrived at Coffee Time Romance! We we will be hanging out on their message board for the whole month of May! Be brought books and goodies to give away during our stay! So stop by when you get a chance! Here's a couple links:

Main Board:

P&P Forum

Stacey's Gunslinger Forum

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Exciting Month of May ~ Writers At Play!

Editors, Authors, and Cover Models....Oh my!
Stop in to check out the action ~ lots and lots of books to be given away!!

We’re kicking off the month on May 1st with a very special guest, editor Melissa Endlich of Harlequin/Steeple Hill! Melissa is overseeing the launch of Love Inspired Historical, a brand new line of inspirational historical romances. She’ll be taking questions regarding Love Inspired as well as all the other Harlequin lines, and is offering a grand prize to one lucky commenter of all eight Love Inspired books issued since the line first launched in January of 2008! In addition, we have tons of other goodies to give away that day - more books from various authors, an Amazon gift card and a gift basket, all for those lucky ducks who take the time to read Melissa’s interview and comment!

The excitement doesn’t stop there! The very next day, May 2nd, we’ll be visited by one of our very favorite cover models, the gorgeous and sweet Andrei Claude! Andrei was voted Mr. Romance 2005, and since then has graced the covers of many a romance novel! If you can’t wait until Friday to see more of him in action, check out his performance on this video!

Five days later, on the 7th, we have yet another special treat for you: Jimi Gaskin, this year’s second runner-up for Mr. Romance 2008! Having seen some of the photos from Mona’s blog earlier in the week, I’m not quite clear how he didn’t win first place, but we’ll do our best to make him feel better about it, won’t we, playmates?

Other guest bloggers this month include Berkley author of “beach books that bite”, Nancy Haddock, who’s celebrating the April release of her debut novel, LA VIDA VAMPIRE, and will be giving away a free copy to one lucky commenter. We’ll also be joined by double RITA nominee, Avon author and saucy Aussie from “down under”, Anna Campbell, who’ll be talking to us about heroines.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Don't Miss Out On The FUN!!!

It's going to be fun and festive weekend at Petticoats & Pistols!

Today I'm blogging about Brenda Novak's Auction to benefit Juvenile Diabetes ~ and tomorrow is the P&P Ice Cream Social! Fillies will be giving away books and other fun prizes, so be sure to stop by!

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Blogging at Petticoats & Pistols!!

Stop in and give us a shout!

Today's topic: Panic, Process & Preview...

Friday, March 28, 2008


I received an email from a reader asking if my books were available in e-book form. I tried to reply, but my email was bounced back by a firewall, so I figured I'd answer here :-)

YES! Harlequin is now making their books available in ebook form. MAVERICK WILD and THE GUNSLINGER'S UNTAMED BRIDE are both available as ebooks through eHarlequin and any other online bookseller.

Unfortunately they've only converted backlisted Harlequin Historicals to May 2007, and my first two books were printed in March and April of '07. No word yet on whether they will also be put into ebook form--I hope so!

Thank you to Sally for her interest!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MUSTANG WILD ~ Award of Excellence Finalist!!!

I'm thrilled to announce that my dubut novel MUSTANG WILD is a finalist in CRW's Award of Excellence contest, for best historical!!!
This is my first published contest...and with my first book, so I'm ecstatic!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Luck O' The Irish!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Join me over at Writers At Play where we'll be discussing good-luck charms, and you can test your luck in my Luck O' The Irish giveaway--a chance to win a signed copy of BRIDE OF SHADOW CANYON and a GUNSLINGER'S UNTAMED BRIDE postcard and bookmark!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wanna be my Friend?

So, yesterday my critique partner's daughter called me up and said "You need a My Space!"
My answer to that was...."I'm supposed to be writing." Her mother, my whip-cracking CP, was out of town you see *g*. Ali graciously offered to set up a My Space and bring me out of the dark ages ;-)
So here's my new My Space home:
If you're a My Spacer, be sure to Friend me!
Thank you, Ali!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brenda Novak's On-line Auction

Brenda Novak's 4th Annual Auction to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation kicks off on May 1st.
She is still taking donations, and all her items are up for preview, so be sure to check out her site!
Here's a picture of my contribution, listed under Gift Baskets:

My Writers At Play pals are also donating a basket full of books and WAP goodies!

Bidding starts on May 1st

Bookmark her page, ya don't want to miss it!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hold on to your hats ladies....

Just received the cover for

Juniper has arrived!
And Lily is looking sharp in the backround.
Hot abs are definitely the cover trend for '08 :)
Coming to bookstores in July!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Blogging on Petticoats & Pistols today!

Today's post: Inside Lily's Carpetbag

Stop by and take a peek at my heroine's western wardrobe ;-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guesting on BookEnds

Hanging out at my agent's blog today and shooting the Promo breeze.

Web Banner
(animation won't work on the blog--click to see it in action on LWR)

Maverick Bookmark

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blogging today - Writer's At Play!

Be sure to stop in and give a shout! Today's topic:

"Go WILD or go home!"

Title inspired by Missy ;-) I'm giving a little 411 on the thrid book in my WILD Trilogy and a chance to win a copy of MAVERICK WILD.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blogging at Petticoats & Pistols today!

Friday's post: The Sweet Scents of Home ~ Comfort Foods
"...an emotional connection or reaction to a food goes beyond physical nourishment–becoming a reflection of the soul that hopefully provides a deeper understanding of the character."

Stop by and say hi!

One lucky poster will win
The Farmer's Wife Comfort Food Cookbook,
full of blue-ribbon-winning recipes!