Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Facebook Fan Page!

I've started a page on Facebook for book updates ~ follow this link and click "Like" to follow the updates!

I'm busily working on the new series, hope to have the new books turned in to my publisher soon.
Once I get 'em turned in, I believe this site is due for an overhaul. Of course, new book covers would dress it up real nice :-)


lilcountrymouse said...

I will look you up on facebook. Can't wait for new series, what will it be about?

JennJ said...

I am going to join your facebook page now! I can't wait for your new series!

And if you need any help with your website I would love to work with you on it! I'm a huge fan and it would be an honor to get to do a redesign for you!


Stacey Kayne said...

Thanks for the Fan Page tagging!!!

JennJ, when I get the new books turned in, I may take you up on that offer ;-) I think I'll be in need of blowing out some cobwebs *g* THANKS!!

RommaZ said...

Checked out your Facebook page and clicked Like. Will look forward to updates and news. Thanks!