Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hot Off the Review Presses!

This review just came in from THE ROMANCE READER’S CONNECTION. This is a new review site to me so I was thrilled by their reception of my fourth book! (Thank you!)

"THE GUNSLINGER'S UNTAMED BRIDE is a breath-taking adventure, with a romance between a head-strong heroine out for vengeance and a noble hero who is trying to survive the sins of his past. As a fan of western historical romance, I've experienced many a great flawed hero seeking to mend his ways, yet none can compare with how the character of Juniper Barns has touched my heart. His sincerity radiates off the page every bit as strong as the unexpected passion he feels for Lily.

Lily Palmer Carrington is a heroine, who at first glance, seems rather impenetrable in her determination to avenge her father's death and have her way in all other facets of her life, especially in business-- despite the trouble this causes. From the beginning, Lily's rather myopic view is in sharp contrast to her obvious intelligence and as we see later, her passion for Juniper. Slowly, however, Lily's view expands which makes her a more likable and sympathetic character. Their blossoming romance creates a great deal of turmoil and readers will likely be swept up in the maelstrom. Having so thoroughly enjoyed THE GUNSLINGER'S UNTAMED BRIDE, I cannot wait to add Ms. Kayne's other titles to my collection. Highly recommended!"

4.5 Stars!
Reviewed by Melissa Fowler

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