Wednesday, June 6, 2007

FIVE SPUR Review!!!!!

How cool is that?! I'm excited about this review, well, 'cause they rank in spurs *g* (and MUSTANG WILD got all five!), and mostly because it's WESTERN READERS reviewing on an ALL WESTERN site!! This author's idea of utopia ;-)

"Stacey Kayne has packed this book with a wonderfully shaded set of characters, from the heroine and hero to the secondary characters. She’s also managed to create an adventurous plot that keeps the reader going at a galloping pace. There wasn’t one part of the story that slowed me down, or one page that I didn’t want to keep turning— quite a feat for a debut book. This is one of those books I’m keeping on my shelf to read again—and again. And certainly can’t wait to read her next one!"

Carol—Love Western Romances

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